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3m x 3m Gala Shade Pro-50 Gazebo (White)

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Product Code: 08798
Durability: Gold
Frame Type: Popup
Width: 3m
Length: 3m
Dimensions: 3m x 3m (3 x 3)
Frame Specification: 50mm Super Aluminium
Covers Specification: Polyester (PVC Coated)
Colour: White
Total Package Mass: 41.10kg


Inclusive of 23% VAT


Exclusive of VAT

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


The top of the range heavy-duty gazebo for all commercial applications. The quality of build in the design balances durability and strength to make the gazebo practical to use. The Pro-50 offers fantastic value for money.
The Pro-50 framework has 50mm hexagonal legs with profile aluminium joints for reliable use. All of the gazebo covers are made from polyester PVC Coated material.
Featuring a simple mechanism, the structure is easily and quickly erected by two people in just a few minutes.

Ideal for:

  • promotional events,
  • catering,
  • trade stands at exhibitions,
  • market stalls,
  • reception areas,
  • entrance canopy,
  • smoking shelter.


Now with 5 Adjustable Height Settings

Position 1:

From ground to valance: 1400mm
From ground to the centre: 1440mm
From ground to the top: 2680mm

Position 2:

From ground to valance: 1550mm
From ground to the centre: 1590mm
From ground to the top: 2830cm

Position 3:

From ground to valance: 1700mm
From ground to the centre: 1740mm
From ground to the top: 2980mm

Position 4:

From ground to valance: 1850mm
From ground to the centre: 1890mm
From ground to the top: 3130mm

Position 5:

From ground to valance: 2000mm
From ground to the centre: 2040mm
From ground to the top: 3280mm


  • Material made from 600d Polyester PVC lined cover

Optional Equipment

  • Sidewalls to fully enclose the structure
  • Weighted feet
  • Tie down kits
  • Ground bar kit
  • Sun shade canopy


  • Leg size: hexagonal 50mm x 50mm, (60mm x 60mm corner to corner)
  • We use robust screws fixing for easy repair
  • We use profile aluminum profile centre joints
  • We use grey hammer tested Nylon joints
  • We use 6061/T6 aluminium, used in our big modular marquees, far stronger than used by our competitors

Packaging Dimensions

Frame - 169 x 36 x 36cm
Canopy – 44 x 37 x 13cm
Total Package Mass: 41.10kg

Fire Certificate

Buying Guide

At first glance, it looks like a Gala Pro Gazebo. At second glance, it still looks like a Gala Pro Gazebo.

Even on third and fourth glances, you would be forgiven for thinking that many of the cheap gazebos on the market were indeed an example of a great British brand, with strong and durable joints and of commercial quality standards.
But look a little closer, and you would realise something was awry. For emblazoned across its valance are not the words 'Gala Tent', but rather one of several other brand names instead. Manufactured by our competitors, the Pro range may look like a carbon copy of the Gala Shade Pro range, but at a closer look it is easy to see that it is made of cheaper materials and is of lower standard.

The reason why they are making clones is simple : it is a fantastic product, and if they make a cheap version, they can try and take Gala's customer base. These pop up structures are open imitations and aren't being passed off as fakes, with their Chinese suppliers manufacturing these rip-offs quite openly, and are surprisingly getting away with it.
The problem lies in the thorny issue of patent protection. Gala Tent has been manufacturing commercial quality gazebos with the Gala Tent trademark name for over 15 years. Our trademarks include 'Gala Shade', 'Pro-MX', 'Pro-40' and 'Pro-50'.

We have had reports that a number of small companies have popped up using our trademark names, some alarmingly were Chinese manufacturers posing as local companies. We have stopped many in their tracks, however it is a constant battle to protect our Intellectual Property from third party abuse.
Upon investigating these products were found to be very cheap imitations with poor design and build and definitely not built to last. For example, our competitors' joints are brittle and made from cast aluminium or PP plastic. Our joints are made of profile aluminium or nylon, which offer a very a advanced strength. Nearly all these companies are advertising that their frames are just as good as ours, so we did a case study and we found some shocking results.
Remember, if you are going to buy cheap, you will end up buying twice.

The reality is that you can only purchase a Pro-50 from Gala Tent!


Average Review Rating: 5 out of 5
5 Reviews
5 out of 5
Date/Time Reviewed: 8-11-2015
Customer Name: Mr John Whiteman
United Kingdom
"Excellent product - totally satisfied with the gazebo"
5 out of 5
Date/Time Reviewed: 8-5-2015
Customer Name: Mr Graham Feltham
United Kingdom
"Great product and great value"
5 out of 5
Date/Time Reviewed: 8-4-2015
Customer Name: Mrs Susan Routh
United Kingdom
"This is the 2nd 4sqm Gala Tent that we have purchased. The first one gave us loyal service for about 6 years before we decided to pension it off and buy a new one. The old one is still used but not for shows as it is a bit mouldy and split in places. The only problem that we had was that the end of the poles became rusty and were very difficult to knock 'home'. Also the canopy shrunk which meant that it split a bit too easily. We also have a 3sqm Gala 'shade' gazebo which we use for day shows. All very useful for summer BBQ's and parties."
5 out of 5
Date/Time Reviewed: 7-14-2015
Customer Name: Mr Stephen Edwards
United Kingdom
"Had a lightweight gazebo for 3 months and doesn't cope in extreme weathers. Was recommended gala tent by another business person. Low on funds and can't really afford it, but after buying a cheap gazebo we now know you definitely get what you paid for."
5 out of 5
Date/Time Reviewed: 5-16-2015
Customer Name: [Anonymous]
United Kingdom
"As a one man startup business I needed a good quality and cost effective gazebo. I was also very much a newcomer to the gazebo jungle I began by looking around and speaking to a few folk locally who were operating from gazebos thankfully this quickly led me to Gala Tent. They have been efficient helpful and professional throughout. My request for a brochure was quickly satisfied my email correspondence always received a swift and relevant response and the sales team has been particularly helpful throughout. They have always been able to clarify and help with my questions and have been particularly patient regarding the best ways of printing and branding the gazebo with my logo. Based on my experience I have no hesitation in endorsing Gala Tent. In my opinion they are professional and helpful and supply quality and robust gazebos."

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